Broken stone for interior decoration

Finishing work, which use stone — a good investment for two reasons: firstly, it is beautiful, and secondly, durable. Broken stone for interior decoration is made artificially, but the external data and the inherent nature of natural stone, nothing from it is no different. The outer side of the ragged surface of natural stone mimics, and can be adjusted in the production of texture and color. In the interior, broken stone used for wall cladding, and for finishing window slopes, perimeters fireplaces, decorative elements in the bathrooms and kitchens.

Broken stone for interior decoration price which depends not only on the cost of production of the rock, but also on the materials used in the work, includes the cost of fillers, cement and dyes. It all together and forms the final cost of the work. The advantage of ragged stone consists in the fact that it is much easier for a natural, which is much easier to work with him. It is convenient to stack because the side that serves as a working surface, specially adapted for maximum traction, which is lined. To achieve the same qualities in a natural material, you need a lot of effort, ultimately leading to the increase in the cost of the material.

A large number of variants of ragged stone textures allow the boundaries of fantasy during the finishing work, both internal and external. For external finishing works broken stone is used, again, for the walls, slopes doors and windows, stairs, bridges, arbors and more. Picking up a stone in shape and shades, you can achieve unique compositions, both inside buildings and outside. With stone, you can create a unique landscape, which will be different forms of beauty and durability of structures.


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