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Relief paint for walls

If finishing material received official confirmation that it can be used in schools, kindergartens and medical facilities, so check on the environmental safety and hygiene was successful. Need only be glad that, finally, we began to pay attention to the quality of building materials, which may adversely affect human health. From this perspective, a full scan and received permission relief paint for the walls, which all quickly gaining momentum in popularity. Valued for its opposition to moisture — water repellency. On the walls, covered with embossed paint, they say that they are able to «breathe.» It is vapor permeable, which makes the paint relief «long-liver», able to maintain the aesthetic appearance for decades. This paint successfully handles temperature, adverse atmospheric and climatic conditions: snow, cold, rain, wind, fog, heat. Therefore, the geography of the use of relief paint our unlimited. In the «plus» relief of paint should include...

Decorative plaster photo with your own hands. this is possible

Decorative plaster applied for the walls of his house — the original and practical solution. It is excellent to clean and, if desired, recolored, enabling you to change the style of the interior and its mood. Compared with the usual wallpaper, its application — a time-consuming and complicated process. However, if the right approach to this problem, decorative plaster picture with their hands will be a decoration at home. First of all, you should determine the type of mixture, which will cover the walls in your home. The various options available in the stores, are usually accompanied by samples, because connecting imagination is quite easy to choose the right one. Do not forget to the Measurement of the room, the consultant made ​​the correct calculations and helped to determine the amount of the purchase. To decorative plaster pleased its original texture, need special tools. The required minimum — 2 spatula, one of which is wide, and the second — a...

Decorative plaster for walls price

The construction market is not static — it develops and improves. There are new technologies and materials. But despite all this, the current at all times the old traditions remain. It is in this material is a decorative plaster. You can use it to carry almost any type of repair. Decorative plaster is distinguished from other types of material so that after its application on the surface appear a certain texture, and it becomes porous. This is achieved by saturation of the mixture of large amount of oxygen. Scope of this type of plaster rather wide — and decoration of premises, and the decoration of facades. It is used for interior and exterior walls for basements. Decorative plaster for walls pitted price — this is another type of plaster. A characteristic feature is its grooved surface structure. The result is a pattern as under the bark of trees, which does a beetle carpenter. Decorative plaster has an attractive texture and reasonable price. Furthermore, it is...

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