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Types of plaster photo

Decorative plaster is becoming increasingly popular building material during the repair. Why is this happening? Because this material is a lot of advantages, among which the most basic — a high performance, the deposition rate and a high aesthetic quality. Speaking globally, then the application of the plaster can be external, internal and universal. In turn, the plaster for interior work is divided into the Venetian, textured, smooth, structural and some other species. That the above types of plaster are used during repair of apartments and residential buildings. Let us consider some of them in detail. Venetian plaster mimics natural stone — limestone, granite, malachite. When used properly, the surface may be a unique, motion picture. Textured, in turn, is a mixture of various synthetic materials with such excipients as flax, cotton fibers, natural and artificial aggregate materials. Due to the smooth plaster, you can create effects such as ripples on water, silk...

Rollers for the plaster to buy

Decorative plaster — view art, multi-layered treatment of walls, ceiling, walls, niches, arches, and the individual elements of the interior to create unusual textures. Composition and color modern decorative plasters are quite diverse. The result is a coating that mimics wood, clay, sand, marble, suede, embossed paper, watercolor, fabric, antique patina, the skin of reptiles. According to the type of drawing, decorative plaster can be smooth and embossed. To create original patterns and textures, requires special tools, one of which is a roller. Produce this device for applying plaster in Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Turkey, Czech Republic. It differs from a conventional paint roller structure of the working surface. It can be smooth, rough, perforated, for drawings under burlap, wood, with the effect of masonry, marbled multidekor to create volume for the weave, ruffled foil under the sponge, with imitation crocodile skin and snake. Rollers for the plaster is easy to buy, we have a...

Decorative plaster of ordinary putty

If true, decorative plaster or special wallpaper you can not afford it, try to do the usual filler. The result will depend on your imagination, skill and desire to make a truly unique interior. A prerequisite for success is the careful preparation of walls. They are cleaned from the previous wallpaper or paint the occupiers gap gruntuem. Depending on the further «plaster», can be primed with a mixture of PVA tserezitom or ordinary primer. Solve the problem of pattern and colors of plaster required in advance. It is important to remember that the plaster on the walls will look like 2 times darker. Application technique is pretty much at the same time used as professional tools, and handy tools with which to learn to work in advance. This can help training in a specialty store or a video course. Interesting options to combine different techniques of application in the same room. While working for the separation zones, you can use the window seal or masking tape, remove them...

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