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Wall paint, odorless

If you decide during repairs to opt for painting the walls, you should very carefully consider the choice of the paint itself. Some paints can be really dangerous for your health. And often their effect is not immediately, but after a few weeks or even months.   Most people choose a paint based on its environmental friendliness and safety. The first concept involves the lack of smell and the propensity to release harmful fumes, vapor permeability and fire. All these criteria are very important for painting children’s rooms and facilities for people with respiratory diseases, as well as for pregnant women. Odorless paint every year are becoming increasingly popular. Agree, it makes no sense to harm their health and suffer from pain in the head, if there is an option to buy an eco-friendly paint and odorless. Exclude from oil paints. Of course, they have some advantages such as durability and long service life. But it is precisely such paints have a pungent odor. Odorless paint...

Facing brick for interior design: durable and practical

Modern technologies allow to create the most diverse and original materials for the interiors of houses, apartments or offices. One of these finishing materials, which looks flawless in almost any interior, is facing brick. This brick is considered on the one hand, natural, eco-friendly and extremely easy to care for material, and on the other hand — a versatile, allowing to realize the most original and intricate designs. Facing brick for interior decoration has excellent performance characteristics: · Durability. Facing brick has the properties of natural stone, so is not exposed to shock and mechanical damage during the whole period of operation; · Durability. Facing brick in the interior will serve their owners for decades, does not require special care and does not lose its appeal; · Fire safety. Decorative brick does not burn and does not deform under high temperatures. Some varieties of bricks are used for the decoration of stoves and fireplaces; · High thermal...

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