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Designer wall decoration decorative plaster photo

Many generations of people, making regular upkeep in your own home, paste over the wall wallpaper and happy that the room acquired presentable. However, far from the original, as in apartments with neighbors, friends or acquaintances necessarily show up like pattern, similar ornament or similar color. In addition, after 5-7 years, such coverage fell into disrepair, requiring plywood and new costs. Excellent solution design (and material) problems would be independent wall decoration ornamental plastering, photo examples of which can be viewed on the web. Reliable, durable and versatile wall covering, which also can be repainted periodically, not only give a unique flavor created interiors, but also will be an excellent field for creativity. Online there are various options of decorative plasters, different in texture and grain. However, it should be remembered that a unique pattern depends not only on the structure of the coating, but also on the imagination, tools and movements of...

Finishing balcony decorative plaster

More and more people are seeking to equip its own balcony as an additional place to stay. Warmed and glazed balcony, you can slightly increase the space of the apartment and get another one, albeit a tiny room. When repairing and choice of building materials balcony you must consider the design and load capacity. The optimal solution in this situation would be finishing the balcony decorative plaster. This finish is not only practical, but also looks very aesthetically pleasing and allows you to create a unique design with their own hands and without global monetary investments. The building materials market can find a huge variety of options plaster of various colors and textures. Now make plaster on vinyl, acrylic, mineral and other basics. Finishing decorative plaster does not require special care, not afraid of moisture and temperature changes, durable and practical. But the main advantage of plaster is its beauty and the opportunity to choose their own unique combination of...

Interior walls of aerated concrete

Until now, the builders did not cease to praise the finishing material, which appeared recently: aerated concrete. Created by new technologies, ie artificial origin, it is characterized in that its entire area is saturated with approximately equal to 1 to 3 mm in diameter pores. Thus it resembles stone foam. But well handled — easily drilled and sawed, you can whittle conventional carpentry tools, no special solders. In aerated concrete nails hammered very easily, also easy to install brackets. Greater strength and hardness aerated gets after a while. And this stuff does not apply to fuel: it includes only minerals. So the popularity of aerated concrete is justified. And the interior walls of aerated concrete — a logical response to his specifications. Getting interior decoration, it is necessary to know its sequence. First — do not start work without aligning to the ideal surface of each wall. Convex, projecting space wipe, and depression, on the contrary,...

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