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Interior finish cottages: there are options

When completed the construction of cottages and were only interior finishing work, the last and very important breakthrough is needed: the final point placed when the floors, ceilings and walls are fully prepared. But even before that, probably, considered interior garden photos. Stylists and designers so generously and diverse offer a solution to all the rooms inside the cottage, it’s hard to stay on any one. In this case, it is necessary to proceed from the real possibilities and taste. A general trend gleaned from the same photo on the site. If you select a finishing material, and will be followed by a design decision. Can be, and vice versa: first decision, and under it — the material. It is important that the result did not disappoint. For a good result and aesthetic perfection work plasterboard, plywood, plastic panels, wallpaper. In a word, no taboos and restrictions, complete freedom for creativity and imagination. This is the case that sufficient resources. And if...

Interior home: stop for plaster

New house or apartment renovated finished look will get after finishing work will be on the walls. What material to use, the choice today abound. So at the start to the last step, already need to decide what types of plasters for interior decoration, «sparkle» in the new house. Plaster can be different. Not even the expert knows that there is, for example, cement or plaster. They are almost traditional, work with them and in their own homes and offices, and public buildings. Cement plaster is suitable for any room. It is appreciated for what it is against humidity. So it is still in the bathroom so the plaster — approx. And at the price of cement plaster «does not bite.» And the biggest flaw in the process — until the walls plastered, the purity should not count. But then — a full order. And special care is not necessary: ​​this plaster «LP.» Almost side by side with the cement is plaster. Working with her is much cleaner. But the...

Finishing bath: on anything

Bath by definition, must resist moisture and heat. These are tough conditions. Therefore, the choice is not just a building material, but also finishes, always have to keep in mind the state of extreme, in which there will be room. And help her to stand for long. But the bath is presented is another requirement: all its «filling» must comply with hygiene standards, to be environmentally friendly. It largely determines the bunch: Interior bath price. Save on bath impossible. But you can find the most suitable, the most practical option for a particular finishing baths. If sufficient funds, and for the price, as they say, it will not. Then for the interior trim pair, it is necessary to use exotic and expensive Marengo Abash, ofram, sedrella. Molded wood of these species differs safety for human health. The whole point of unequal temperature of the steam, ie nearly 100 degrees, and finishes that in this heat will correspond body temperature. Close in performance and Cedar. But...

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