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How to decorate a log cabin inside

Log house itself is beautiful. And can have several shades of this beauty: if there is a tower or lace church in Kizhi is one aesthetic. If the wooden house somewhere near the taiga, beauty is more strict and severe. But all the same wood as a natural material makes the house special is outside is inside. A too «made-up» interior just wish: interior log home completely crossed the natural beauty of the building material. Designers are strongly advised not to hide the tree and be emphasized, from which the house is built. If this is the ceiling, which must be run before the walls, otherwise you can stain walls, it is better to sheathe clapboard. Not only better, but easier and more «in the subject» with the building blocks of the entire log home. Lining is attached to the joists. You can use veneered panels, open ceiling with varnish or paint. The walls also need special attention. Solution can be found if you look at examples from the designers: interior log home...

The last chord: finishing room wooden house

Those who managed to build a wooden house, of course, lucky there is nothing better for a man than to live where the ceiling, floor and walls «breathe». A tree — a wide breathable material. And it would be wrong to «batten down» wooden wall decoration, in which dozens of concentrated chemical elements, not conducive to the comfort and health of the inhabitants of the house. Therefore, and finish interior walls of the house must be clean and as safe as possible for all households. But it is necessary to start only after the timber or logs will be carefully pre-training. So it will be extended operational life of the house, which, of course, built for generations. A high humidity, fire, insects that feed on wood, will no longer represent a strong threat. Need special teams — flame retardants and antiseptics. Do not neglect this procedure even when there is full confidence that the wooden blanks have already passed similar treatment before construction....

High-quality interior arbors provide a complete rest and comfort

The owners of country houses, preferring to get the maximum comfort and convenience anywhere in your home, take care also about the repair and decoration of buildings on the site. Arbour is a separate building that attracts attention even before you get into the house. First of all, catches the eye the appearance of the gazebo by which to produce a first impression. Interior finish arbors can this experience enhance or change in one direction or another. Therefore, to continuously receive praise their guests and arrange for a place to relax in the fresh air on your own site, you need to pay attention not only external, but also internal design of the gazebo. The most traditional and commonly used material for the construction of the gazebo is a tree. Therefore, the easiest way to refine the internal view gazebos — cover the surface with clear lacquer finish, pre-treating them with special antiseptic compounds. To achieve greater aesthetic desirable that at least one wall of the...

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