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Application technique of decorative plaster

One of the main advantages of the plaster is the fact that it can be applied to virtually any surface — whether it’s concrete, wood or drywall. Besides, she looks great in any interior. People who have any connection with the construction, know that decorative plaster does not require a perfectly flat surface (in comparison with Venetian plaster). Moreover, it is able to align the decorative plaster little rough and uneven. Technique of the plaster is not complicated plot works. Most importantly, perform all step by step and not «moonlight». First of all, you need to prepare a place that will be applied to the plaster. This step is to clean the surface, generally speaking. It must be cleaned of paint and other materials that were previously there. After cleaning, you can proceed to the next step — to the primer. In the case of decorative plaster primer can serve as linseed oil or paint, which is composed of abrasive particles. There are many techniques, but...

How to lay pavers

More and more people put paving slabs in the yard. It makes much more beautiful yard. In addition, the pavers will be put is not hard if you’re familiar with the technology of masonry. Paving tiles need to be put on concrete, gravel or sand. Tile thickness and the type of foundation depends on the operation of the yard coverage. In order to withstand the load of a vehicle tile, it should have a thickness of 30-45 mm and a concrete strength of 600 kg / cm 2. Tile rests on a bed of mortar or dry mixture made on gravel. If the tiles are laid on the concrete base and the thickness thereof exceeds 45 mm, it can withstand truck. How to lay paving slabs? First, you need to perform the transverse and longitudinal plan areas to be made. Remove the upper ball of soil somewhere on 150 mm. Water drain biases are taken into account. Now on the site to do any soil compaction way you can (vibration compaction, rolling, tamping). For curbs done recess soil and compacted bottom grooves. In the...

How to paint the walls with latex paint

The repair and construction uses a huge variety of types of finishing works. All painting of the walls is not inferior to its leading position in the selection choices of finish for many years. Paint surfaces with latex paint allows you to choose any color or texture that will be ideally suited to this room. To paint you can use different methods of application or textured rollers, which will help create a unique surface finish. Over time, this finish will retain its original form, does not fade and will not crack. Complex of works on painting does not require specific professional skills and high quality paint the walls with water-based paint will be able to virtually anyone, most importantly — stick to the core technology that will help achieve the desired result and do not have a problem with the painted surfaces in the future. First of all, you need to maximize free space of the room where you will be painting. Bulky items of furniture and things that are impossible to make,...

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