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What colors to paint the walls?

Today in the shops you can find any pattern with various colors and texture. But this is still not enough. Sometimes you want to create a unique and unique interior. In this case, the drawings on the walls are the perfect solution. Now once you decide whether it will be drawing on the wall or at a single site, whether it is made from a template or your sketch. What colors to paint the walls in the apartment — this issue will be in front of you not in the least. The first thing you should decide to what exactly is drawing room — the kitchen, children’s room or in the hallway, for example. Based on this, and you need to choose the paint. If the room is dry, such as the living room, the suit nevlagostoykaya paint. Kitchen also try to trim paint with enhanced water resistance. Note that the durability of paint. The ink must be resistant to abrasion, if the walls have to be washed frequently, such as in the hallway. And, of course, take into account the environmental...

How to remove paint from the wall?

Certainly, anyone who has ever engaged in repair, faced with the following problem — the need to remove the old paint from the walls or ceiling. If you need to paste on top of the wallpaper or paint to cover the surface of the other, then this does not necessarily remove the old. However, if you plan on laying tile, then without removing the old paint is not enough. There are several ways to remove paint — chemical, mechanical, electro-mechanical and thermal. The chemical method. To do this you need to purchase a paint remover, but remember that it is suitable only for powder coatings. Ordinary brush, apply a wash on the wall and remove the paint with a spatula. The disadvantage of this method is that the remover has a fairly specific smell. Be sure to work in rubber gloves. If substance on the surface of the skin, immediately wash the affected area with water. After work is required to ventilate the room. Mechanical method. The easiest way. All you need is a putty knife,...

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