Decorative paint for walls photo

Decorative paints recently gaining more and more fans because of its obvious advantages over acrylic or water-based:

· It is an easy process of coloring, which can handle even the person who has never engaged in painting;

· All decorative paints have high adhesion, that is, they lie on the surface perfectly and firmly sit on it for a long time;

· It is quite loyal to the price compared to other coating materials;

· Decorative paints almost smell;

· They are very resistant to environmental influences, as are water and vapor barrier;

· And finally, such paints well to wet cleaning.

Decorative paint for walls photo which you can find on our website or on the Internet, this is the easiest way to make their homes unique, as well as to realize the most daring artistic fantasy.

In order to apply a paint on the wall, it must initially be prepared. It is cleared from the old coating of coating, revealed first homepage, and then finishing putty, primed again, and then put on it myself paint. Just do not forget at the end of the painted surface handle special water-repellent finish. This will ensure proper adhesion and prolong life. Along with a variety of paint sold Kohler. With their help, you can achieve a variety of effects — velvety, metallic look, the effect of «chameleon», where depending on the angle of view changes the color of the paint.

You just need to consult with professional designers, which will prompt the best option for your home or apartment. For example, bright colors with a velvety shade can visually enlarge the area of ​​the room, and the coating in high-tech style will give it the present.


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