Decorative plaster for bathrooms

In the modern interior bathrooms applicable huge variety of finishing materials. One type of wall decoration stands decorative plaster for bathrooms. This type of finish has excellent performance. Plaster decorative its durability and practicality, not afraid of moisture and temperature changes, requires no maintenance and is not afraid to mechanical damage. An important advantage of this type of finish are the relatively low cost of materials and ease of application that does not require special skills.

Options on how to create the interior, where the plaster decorative finishes used for bathrooms some photos we offer on our website, can be a huge set. Variations of colors, such as a binder, which is made on the basis of plaster, and carrier specific functions, as well as the application of techniques of decorative plaster on the wall surface, allow to come up and create a unique bathroom interior. This interior is fully match the taste and wishes of all households, and most importantly, will be much cheaper than tiled or other building materials.

Decorative plaster surface allows you to get the bathroom walls with a variety of decorative effects. Before coating the surface of the plaster walls is recommended to treat the special water-resistant undercoat that provides additional protection against mold and mildew. When renovating a bathroom can make horizontal and vertical rows with the effects of the bark beetle, ruffled fabric, soft gold and other decorative effects, which perfectly fit into the interior, and will please the hosts for its beauty and durability.



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