Decorative plaster for walls price

The construction market is not static — it develops and improves. There are new technologies and materials. But despite all this, the current at all times the old traditions remain. It is in this material is a decorative plaster. You can use it to carry almost any type of repair.

Decorative plaster is distinguished from other types of material so that after its application on the surface appear a certain texture, and it becomes porous. This is achieved by saturation of the mixture of large amount of oxygen.

Scope of this type of plaster rather wide — and decoration of premises, and the decoration of facades. It is used for interior and exterior walls for basements.

Decorative plaster for walls pitted price — this is another type of plaster. A characteristic feature is its grooved surface structure. The result is a pattern as under the bark of trees, which does a beetle carpenter.

Decorative plaster has an attractive texture and reasonable price. Furthermore, it is easy to apply. Optionally, you can learn to do it yourself. It is distinguished by visual appeal and time-consuming operation. Working with such material does not require alignment of walls. The very texture smooths out all the bumps. You can rid yourself of the color of the walls, if you stop your choice on the plaster with color filling.

Color plaster does not fade in the sun, in addition, it can be washed. Characteristic features of this building material — is resistant to rain and frost, high strength and low price. It is not influenced mold, and for a long time retains its form.



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