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Many generations of people, making regular upkeep in your own home, paste over the wall wallpaper and happy that the room acquired presentable. However, far from the original, as in apartments with neighbors, friends or acquaintances necessarily show up like pattern, similar ornament or similar color. In addition, after 5-7 years, such coverage fell into disrepair, requiring plywood and new costs.

Excellent solution design (and material) problems would be independent wall decoration ornamental plastering, photo examples of which can be viewed on the web. Reliable, durable and versatile wall covering, which also can be repainted periodically, not only give a unique flavor created interiors, but also will be an excellent field for creativity.

Online there are various options of decorative plasters, different in texture and grain. However, it should be remembered that a unique pattern depends not only on the structure of the coating, but also on the imagination, tools and movements of the master. You can certainly use the ready, options offered by the manufacturer, but you can create yourself the tools to create a unique pattern or ornament. Cellular rubber or crumpled skin will help to create an interesting texture, and the original technique smears — a unique pattern on the featureless walls.

An interesting solution would be the use of different types of plaster, with varying degrees of granularity, painted in various colors. This technique provides unique colors, which can enhance the space of small rooms, fill volume and light dimly lit room or make a more comfortable large rooms. With a little practice and imagination will allow everyone to share their talents and give the house a unique wall decoration.


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