Exterior latex paint: the price and the quality of coverage

On the material, which is processed by the facade, depends not only on the success of the design solution, and resistance to a wide variety of climatic conditions. Similar problems under force many materials. Latex paint — one of them. When properly applied and quality of the emulsion, the coating will last for more than 7 years.

Painting takes place in several stages:

· Preparation of the surface. Any irregularities and remnants of the old coating must be removed and the wall — wash thoroughly, dry;

· Primer. This step can not be overlooked, because the primer is not only prolong life, but also help to save paint consumption;

· Preparation of the coating. If renovations are taking place in cold times, the paint better pre keep warm more than a day;

· Painting itself. To work with water-based paint for facades, and most importantly for a good result, it is better to use and airbrush, and roller. The first provides a uniform, and the second — the rich color.

Exterior latex paint which price plays a big role — cost-effective solution for repairs. But we should not be carried out at a low cost, because the cheap, not very high quality paint finish on the same size room you will need almost 2 times more. Exterior latex paint for exterior price and features, which guarantee a high level, perfectly preserved under 2 one-time coating. Only then the surface will look quite bright and saturated, without losing its original appearance. Therefore, the final consumption of latex paint facade — 10l 35 m2.

When working with water-based paint you need to consider many things: the price and light up the wall on which to work with. If all calculated correctly, the quality of repair of the facade will please owners for many years.


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