How to make decorative plaster

Decorative plaster is considered by far the most optimal option walls. It is extremely durable, practical, and does not require special care, not afraid of water, and the temperature drop. But, perhaps, the main advantages of decorative plaster is no need for complex preparatory work, ease of application and relatively low cost of materials.

Having defined the color and type of binder in the composition of the plaster, it remains to determine how to make decorative plaster. Techniques applying plaster there are so many. You can create a surface with imitation marble, leather, wood or fabric, with large or small relief, etc. Modern modeled plaster to create a wall surface with the effect of antiquity, cracks, bark beetles, soft gold, ruffled fabric and many others.

Before applying the plaster on walls required to hold a series of preparatory work: clean the surface from dirt and dust, align irregularities by ordinary plaster, treat if necessary primer and antifungal agents. In addition, it is necessary to prepare the tools that will help you finishing work.

For example, before you make decorative plaster pitted, you need to prepare stainless steel spatula and cook a small amount of plaster according to the instructions. Kneading too much material is not recommended, as it may dry before being consumed the entire volume. Apply decorative plaster can be both vertical and horizontal lines to get unique texture for your unique interior.


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