How to paint the walls with latex paint

Latex paint is now considered the best choice to make its housing aesthetic and unique species. It is inexpensive, completely harmless and non-toxic, it can be easily applied to any surface. Let’s discuss in detail below how to paint the walls with latex paint.

Despite the seeming simplicity of this process has a number of features, without which you can not only waste money but also spoil the appearance of the premises. So when you have decided on the color and manufacturer, do not forget to also purchase a painting tools — roller, brush, a special tray, masking tape, etc.

The walls must first be prepared for staining. They are cleaned from old paint or wallpaper, primed, align the start and finish putty, primed again, and then get rid of the fine irregularities by abrasive sandpaper.

You should begin with the least noticeable corner and it is advisable to paint it with a brush, grabbing a few centimeters wall, as the roller will not be able to get there. Then, painted the main square. Try to apply the paint broad lines toward the floor to each successive slight overlap with the previous one.

Many novice painters always the question arises — how to paint the walls with water-based paint without divorce? The answer is simple — before the staining dip roller in tray with paint to his pile of good it is soaked, and then roll it on the back of unnecessary wallpaper or wooden sheet. Also, always make sure surplus, avoiding sudden splashes and drips.

And another tip — if your walls are just the filler, painting need 3 layers (2 vertical and 1 horizontal). If they pasted wallpaper, then enough for 2 layers.


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