Innovation: magnetic paint for walls buy and enjoy

Magnetic paint is a new trend in the production of promotional and informational products and educational games. It is produced by a magnetic base, and has already taken a strong position among the range of products of many manufacturers.

Magnetic wall paint that is easy to buy, lets you create a surface that attracts to itself the magnets, such as metal. It is a modern house paint, which is applied on top of the regular paint in any color. And the surface is immediately ready for use. On such a wall can be attached photos, ads, children play checkers, learn the alphabet and numbers.

This effect is due to the addition of metal powder in the paint. But as far as eco-friendly and whether harm health? You immediately ask yourself this question. After all, with such a surface will be played by children and you care about, what materials they will have contact. Magnetic wall paint which is now possible to buy in many stores for a long time came into use in Europe and America. And in these countries environmental control standards are very high. Therefore, the magnetic paint will not harm your health and others.

Magnetic wall paint to buy, with its properties, it is available on pricing. The average price of this material is 89 euros per liter. Keep in mind that the magnetic paint is consumed at the rate of: liter for every two square meters. meter.

In addition, the magnetic wall paint is very easy to buy and easy to use. One need only prepare the surface and apply the paint mix in three layers on the wall. Each layer of paint should be allowed to dry for four hours. A day can be applied by conventional paint of any color. Your creative wall — ready. Can be used in the games and all sorts of ways. No more nails and buttons.


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