Interior decoration of a country house photo details and nuances

Stylish country house reflects the passions of the owner, can make you feel cozy and comfortable. But creating such a nest is necessary to consider all the details of planning the interior decoration, choose the right materials.

Interior decoration of a country house photos can be simple, advanced and high-quality. Simple decoration made ​​in back rooms and does not require highly skilled craftsmen. Improved interior of a country house with his own hands is the most common photo. This is the most acceptable type of finish for the combination of price and quality. The most expensive finish — a high quality. Performed by masters with great experience and artistic taste.

Modern materials are able to realize the most daring ideas. But is it right to use material from the same manufacturer. After all materials from different manufacturers can not be combined, with the lost data safeguards and increase costs.

Interior decoration of a country house photo combines plaster, paint brushes, rollers and trim. The first step is to align the surface level and in plaster by hand or by machine. When painting works are aligned minor roughness to create a solid coating for further finishing decorative materials. Facing produced in areas with humidity hanging.

Finishing materials are dry and wet, for each room should be selected the appropriate type. Waterproof materials should pick up for the bathroom and kitchen. For domestic premises suitable materials that perform only a decorative function.

Interior decoration of a country house — a complex and laborious task. Not every person able to cope with such a large amount of knowledge and skills. But nothing can replace the satisfaction with the work done, and pride in their work.


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