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Any last floor of the house, until the 17th century, was seen as an attic. Thanks to the French architect’s room had an opportunity to become a living, and in his honor, since bears the name — loft or attic floor. But risks remain attic floor attic (storage for the demolished houses from around the trash) if you do not make an effort for him everything. And the options that can be converted in the last floor of the house, which, moreover, notable for its unusual layout — the mass.

In what could become a competent interior attic photo gives illustrative examples. Bedroom, arranged in the attic, there will always be bright and filled sunlight coming through the many windows, which are in the attic, usually, more than in other residential areas. Material for the walls, you can choose any, but taking into account that its properties have the ability to give comfort and absorb light.

Thoughtful, lovingly made ​​interior loft with his hands photo, which is the interior of the living room can be made in any styles from the popular country to high-tekovskih motives. Living room can be decorated with wood, with massive beams on the ceiling, or framed in a burgher style, interspersed with items taken from the interior office space era of urbanization.

An interesting solution to the attic, maybe finish one part of it into a bathroom, and the other — a bedroom. All work on the interior in the attic and solutions, in what style they are implemented depends on the overall layout of the room. Here it is necessary to take into account the geometry of the rooms and common architectural features. Attic can take as the entire area corresponding to the lower room, and go beyond it, forming a front projection, which is usually mounted on the additional support. In any case, the final decision depends on the architectural and financial capabilities.


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