Interior finish loggias, photos of how to use the limited space

Creating comfort in the apartment, do not forget about the loggia. Proper interior loggia photos which can be easily seen in specialized magazines or the Internet, will help make the apartment more beautiful and comfortable.

When selecting materials, it should be noted that in the loggia sunny enough, so, you should choose materials that are not susceptible to fading under the influence of sunlight. Therefore, the choice of materials should be approached with great responsibility, especially as the hardware store offers a fantastic choice.

Loggia can sheathe clapboard, this material has many advantages, including low price, durability, ease of installation. You can use the linings of plastic, vinyl siding. Unlike wooden counterpart, it does not require additional treatment as the impregnation and painting. Another advantage of this material is that it is not the fear of high humidity and temperature changes. On the market there are a large number of colors of vinyl siding.

Good finishing material is MDF plate. Its surface, it can create a complete simulation of solid wood. In this case MDF is much cheaper than wood, but keep in mind that he is afraid of dampness.

Many people mistakenly believe that the drywall is not suitable as a finishing material for balconies, it is not. If you use it water-resistant variety, then cover it with a special wallpaper for painting or plastering, you can create a very cozy room. Especially Drywall can be given any shape, which makes it possible to create a custom loggia.

Can be used for flooring linoleum, this is the cheapest option. So it is appropriate to use a laminate, tile or artificial stone.


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