Overview: siding for interior decoration rates and quality

The ease of installation and excellent appearance, siding more often used for interior decoration. This was facilitated by the numerous advantages of the siding. This fire safety, good tolerance to humidity and temperature changes, a rich selection of colors and textures. Panels for siding can be plastic, wood and under the stone.

Plastic panels for siding perform aesthetic and practical function. They are heat-saving properties, good strength and elasticity. Panels do not fade, and light weight makes it possible to create a lightweight and reliable construction. Plastic siding for interior decoration prices are significantly cheaper to the same installation can be carried out independently, which allows further savings.

Wood siding is used for a variety of rooms: loggias and balconies, private homes, shops and restaurants. It allows you to create an attractive appearance of the premises, provides good heat and sound insulation. But this type of siding is not recommended for use in high humidity areas. Wood siding for interior decoration prices more expensive than other materials, but it is more durable.

Stone siding is used for ornamental decoration, used in cafes and restaurants to complement the design. Creates the appearance of a collapsed wall, sticking out of the stone. In comparison with other materials, siding under the stone is more robust and durable. It does not rot, does not fade, resistant to temperature changes.

Facing siding combines affordable price and good quality. And ease of installation allows you to do such a job to anyone who is familiar with the basic building skills. This type of decoration allows you to apply a variety of materials, decorate the house to your taste without the high cost.


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