Exterior latex paint: the price and the quality of coverage

On the material, which is processed by the facade, depends not only on the success of the design solution, and resistance to a wide variety of climatic conditions. Similar problems under force many materials. Latex paint — one of them. When properly applied and quality of the emulsion, the coating will last for more than 7 years. Painting takes place in several stages: · Preparation of the surface. Any irregularities and remnants of the old coating must be removed and the wall — wash thoroughly, dry; · Primer. This step can not be overlooked, because the primer is not only prolong life, but also help to save paint consumption; · Preparation of the coating. If renovations are taking place in cold times, the paint better pre keep warm more than a day; · Painting itself. To work with water-based paint for facades, and most importantly for a good result, it is better to use and airbrush, and roller. The first provides a uniform, and the second — the rich...

Innovation: magnetic paint for walls buy and enjoy

Magnetic paint is a new trend in the production of promotional and informational products and educational games. It is produced by a magnetic base, and has already taken a strong position among the range of products of many manufacturers. Magnetic wall paint that is easy to buy, lets you create a surface that attracts to itself the magnets, such as metal. It is a modern house paint, which is applied on top of the regular paint in any color. And the surface is immediately ready for use. On such a wall can be attached photos, ads, children play checkers, learn the alphabet and numbers. This effect is due to the addition of metal powder in the paint. But as far as eco-friendly and whether harm health? You immediately ask yourself this question. After all, with such a surface will be played by children and you care about, what materials they will have contact. Magnetic wall paint which is now possible to buy in many stores for a long time came into use in Europe and America. And in these...

The cost of water-based paint and its characteristics

Water-based paints are very popular in the market of building materials. They are distinguished from other paints part of the plain water. When applying water evaporates and forms a continuous membrane. The paint has no pungent smell, easy contact with the majority of materials and over a paint is easy to apply any other dye. There are various types of water-based paints. To date, manufacturers offer a wide range to suit every taste and budget. Consider some more. Water-based paints are based on PVA. They are used only in dry areas because they do not resist moisture. The cost of latex-based paint PVA is very low and accessible to everyone. Also distinguished based paint butadiene. This paint is suitable for interior. It is highly resistant to moisture, but the light turns yellow. The cost of this type of water-based paint is also low. There are water-based acrylic paints. This is the most common type of paint. In the composition of acrylic resin and have different strength and...

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