Relief paint for walls

If finishing material received official confirmation that it can be used in schools, kindergartens and medical facilities, so check on the environmental safety and hygiene was successful. Need only be glad that, finally, we began to pay attention to the quality of building materials, which may adversely affect human health. From this perspective, a full scan and received permission relief paint for the walls, which all quickly gaining momentum in popularity. Valued for its opposition to moisture — water repellency. On the walls, covered with embossed paint, they say that they are able to «breathe.» It is vapor permeable, which makes the paint relief «long-liver», able to maintain the aesthetic appearance for decades. This paint successfully handles temperature, adverse atmospheric and climatic conditions: snow, cold, rain, wind, fog, heat. Therefore, the geography of the use of relief paint our unlimited. In the «plus» relief of paint should include...

Interior finish loggias, photos of how to use the limited space

Creating comfort in the apartment, do not forget about the loggia. Proper interior loggia photos which can be easily seen in specialized magazines or the Internet, will help make the apartment more beautiful and comfortable. When selecting materials, it should be noted that in the loggia sunny enough, so, you should choose materials that are not susceptible to fading under the influence of sunlight. Therefore, the choice of materials should be approached with great responsibility, especially as the hardware store offers a fantastic choice. Loggia can sheathe clapboard, this material has many advantages, including low price, durability, ease of installation. You can use the linings of plastic, vinyl siding. Unlike wooden counterpart, it does not require additional treatment as the impregnation and painting. Another advantage of this material is that it is not the fear of high humidity and temperature changes. On the market there are a large number of colors of vinyl siding. Good...

Proper home repair, interior decoration, photos of beautiful and cozy property

Many are trying to transform the housing for themselves, to make it more cozy. Home repair, interior photo from the Internet and a few recommendations will help achieve a beautiful property on their own. First of all, it should be noted that the interior as well as any construction work conducted downward from the ceiling to the floor. And yet, it must be said that the quality of its implementation depends on how it will look flat in the future. Interior decoration is of two kinds, roughing and finishing, dwell in more detail on each of them. Rough finish — a complex of works on preparation of premises for final finishing. In the list of works includes installation and removal of interior partitions, alignment of the walls, floor and ceiling, priming the walls and prepare them for the application of plaster, preparation under the screed floors, installation of beacons, as well as installation of slopes. After a preparatory rough finishes, proceed to the internal finishing works....

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