Interior finish attic photo

Any last floor of the house, until the 17th century, was seen as an attic. Thanks to the French architect’s room had an opportunity to become a living, and in his honor, since bears the name — loft or attic floor. But risks remain attic floor attic (storage for the demolished houses from around the trash) if you do not make an effort for him everything. And the options that can be converted in the last floor of the house, which, moreover, notable for its unusual layout — the mass. In what could become a competent interior attic photo gives illustrative examples. Bedroom, arranged in the attic, there will always be bright and filled sunlight coming through the many windows, which are in the attic, usually, more than in other residential areas. Material for the walls, you can choose any, but taking into account that its properties have the ability to give comfort and absorb light. Thoughtful, lovingly made ​​interior loft with his hands photo, which is the interior...

Broken stone for interior decoration

Finishing work, which use stone — a good investment for two reasons: firstly, it is beautiful, and secondly, durable. Broken stone for interior decoration is made artificially, but the external data and the inherent nature of natural stone, nothing from it is no different. The outer side of the ragged surface of natural stone mimics, and can be adjusted in the production of texture and color. In the interior, broken stone used for wall cladding, and for finishing window slopes, perimeters fireplaces, decorative elements in the bathrooms and kitchens. Broken stone for interior decoration price which depends not only on the cost of production of the rock, but also on the materials used in the work, includes the cost of fillers, cement and dyes. It all together and forms the final cost of the work. The advantage of ragged stone consists in the fact that it is much easier for a natural, which is much easier to work with him. It is convenient to stack because the side that serves as...

Overview: siding for interior decoration rates and quality

The ease of installation and excellent appearance, siding more often used for interior decoration. This was facilitated by the numerous advantages of the siding. This fire safety, good tolerance to humidity and temperature changes, a rich selection of colors and textures. Panels for siding can be plastic, wood and under the stone. Plastic panels for siding perform aesthetic and practical function. They are heat-saving properties, good strength and elasticity. Panels do not fade, and light weight makes it possible to create a lightweight and reliable construction. Plastic siding for interior decoration prices are significantly cheaper to the same installation can be carried out independently, which allows further savings. Wood siding is used for a variety of rooms: loggias and balconies, private homes, shops and restaurants. It allows you to create an attractive appearance of the premises, provides good heat and sound insulation. But this type of siding is not recommended for use in...

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