Interior decoration of a country house photo details and nuances

Stylish country house reflects the passions of the owner, can make you feel cozy and comfortable. But creating such a nest is necessary to consider all the details of planning the interior decoration, choose the right materials. Interior decoration of a country house photos can be simple, advanced and high-quality. Simple decoration made ​​in back rooms and does not require highly skilled craftsmen. Improved interior of a country house with his own hands is the most common photo. This is the most acceptable type of finish for the combination of price and quality. The most expensive finish — a high quality. Performed by masters with great experience and artistic taste. Modern materials are able to realize the most daring ideas. But is it right to use material from the same manufacturer. After all materials from different manufacturers can not be combined, with the lost data safeguards and increase costs. Interior decoration of a country house photo combines plaster, paint...

Decorative plaster photo with your own hands. this is possible

Decorative plaster applied for the walls of his house — the original and practical solution. It is excellent to clean and, if desired, recolored, enabling you to change the style of the interior and its mood. Compared with the usual wallpaper, its application — a time-consuming and complicated process. However, if the right approach to this problem, decorative plaster picture with their hands will be a decoration at home. First of all, you should determine the type of mixture, which will cover the walls in your home. The various options available in the stores, are usually accompanied by samples, because connecting imagination is quite easy to choose the right one. Do not forget to the Measurement of the room, the consultant made ​​the correct calculations and helped to determine the amount of the purchase. To decorative plaster pleased its original texture, need special tools. The required minimum — 2 spatula, one of which is wide, and the second — a...

Designer wall decoration decorative plaster photo

Many generations of people, making regular upkeep in your own home, paste over the wall wallpaper and happy that the room acquired presentable. However, far from the original, as in apartments with neighbors, friends or acquaintances necessarily show up like pattern, similar ornament or similar color. In addition, after 5-7 years, such coverage fell into disrepair, requiring plywood and new costs. Excellent solution design (and material) problems would be independent wall decoration ornamental plastering, photo examples of which can be viewed on the web. Reliable, durable and versatile wall covering, which also can be repainted periodically, not only give a unique flavor created interiors, but also will be an excellent field for creativity. Online there are various options of decorative plasters, different in texture and grain. However, it should be remembered that a unique pattern depends not only on the structure of the coating, but also on the imagination, tools and movements of...

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