Relief paint for walls

If finishing material received official confirmation that it can be used in schools, kindergartens and medical facilities, so check on the environmental safety and hygiene was successful. Need only be glad that, finally, we began to pay attention to the quality of building materials, which may adversely affect human health. From this perspective, a full scan and received permission relief paint for the walls, which all quickly gaining momentum in popularity.

Valued for its opposition to moisture — water repellency. On the walls, covered with embossed paint, they say that they are able to «breathe.» It is vapor permeable, which makes the paint relief «long-liver», able to maintain the aesthetic appearance for decades. This paint successfully handles temperature, adverse atmospheric and climatic conditions: snow, cold, rain, wind, fog, heat. Therefore, the geography of the use of relief paint our unlimited. In the «plus» relief of paint should include the fact that it not only produces water vapor, it rejects carbon dioxide and air. As for moisture resistance, relief paint here too the leaders: the power of this most water resistance depends on the brand of paint. But it is always present.

If a smooth surface on the inside of the building is covered with latex paint relief, it can be safely washed. And relief, embossed or steklooboyami such paint highlights their structure, giving a matte effect. Designers willing to use embossed paint, creating a modern interior residential and public buildings.

Given these qualities, relief wall paint for the price can not be junk. But it is not rolls: in Ukraine such paint costs an average of about 700 USD. And if the issue of buying the paint has matured, it is possible to produce a «reconnaissance in force», find reviews of those who have already used it.


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