Rollers for the plaster to buy

Decorative plaster — view art, multi-layered treatment of walls, ceiling, walls, niches, arches, and the individual elements of the interior to create unusual textures.

Composition and color modern decorative plasters are quite diverse. The result is a coating that mimics wood, clay, sand, marble, suede, embossed paper, watercolor, fabric, antique patina, the skin of reptiles. According to the type of drawing, decorative plaster can be smooth and embossed.

To create original patterns and textures, requires special tools, one of which is a roller. Produce this device for applying plaster in Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Turkey, Czech Republic. It differs from a conventional paint roller structure of the working surface. It can be smooth, rough, perforated, for drawings under burlap, wood, with the effect of masonry, marbled multidekor to create volume for the weave, ruffled foil under the sponge, with imitation crocodile skin and snake.

Rollers for the plaster is easy to buy, we have a large enough range. Choosing, pay attention to the material, length, fabric, roller diameter, the presence of the handle (if necessary), the quality of the picture, consider the intensity of use (single, home repair, or for professional use).

The use of roller provides a more uniform pattern with repeating elements, qualitatively apply several layers of different colors. Shortened time due to the processing in a single pass a larger surface, but requires fast deposition rate.

Working with roller accessible even to non-professionals. It really is an essential tool not only for wall decor, but also to update the furniture and textiles.


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