Structural rollers for decorative plaster — unusual design solution

In order to create a true masterpiece in the house, do not apply to artists and designers, and spend a lot of time. After all, to solve any problem to help decorative structural rollers for decorative plaster.

Working with a similar invention requires a minimum of cost. This is the roller on the wall will create a bulk layer of plaster, plaster-like hand-sculpting. But this lesson takes a fraction of the time: it is enough to drive a tool neatly on the wall, and as a result will come out great illusion handmade. Of course, structural rollers for decorative plaster can give a little clumsy result, so it is best to practice before the process.

Before you get started, you need to prepare a little space: pre proshtukaturit proshpaklevat or wall surface must be dry and smooth. The basic principle of a roller — do not push hard, picking up a layer of plaster to a well printed with a pattern. Pressure texture becomes more apparent, and the roller may tear already posited plaster.

Many stores offer structural rollers plaster buy, but before making such a purchase you need to take into account the diversity of species. It depends on the type of roller drawing, which then will decorate accommodation:

· The effect of «fur» on the wall create a nap rollers, the shorter the nap, the smoother the surface;

· For the effect of a stone wall with a roller is needed «ears»;

· Roller with holes help to create grooves on the wall;

· For an oblong figure needs roller waves.

Structure of decorative plaster rollers help to realize any designer’s dream. This arrangement will give the walls a unique, and most importantly — good workmanship, smooth and beautiful pattern.

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