Structural wall paint

This type of paint products as structural colors, appeared relatively recently, but it quickly gained popularity among the population due to its versatility and ease of use.

Structural wall paint is ideal for both the facade of the building, and painting the interior. It can even be used in the bathroom (assuming good mechanical ventilation), because such paint has a high vapor permeability and water resistance, which allows it to adjust the humidity in the room.

Perhaps the only drawback of structural paint is the high cost, but its beauty, durability and efficiency outweigh the money spent, because one container is sufficient for a large area, as it is applied to only one layer.

Structural wall paint that you can buy in any specialized shop, before application requires a certain surface preparation. First you need to thoroughly clean the walls of the old coating. Then it is desirable to be primed them. After the primer has dried, the wall applied starting and finishing layer of putty, then the special abrasive film cleaned slightest irregularities. Do not worry if, after training, you still have defects 1-2 mm — structure paint easily hide them when applying.

When painting use all kinds of tools — rollers, brushes, sponges, etc. If you want to get a textured surface in the form of a «Christmas tree» or «scratched walls» can use special combs or grater made ​​of teflon. Also, many experts advise to achieve the best results, use as background or acrylic latex paint, which you can then apply a layer structure.


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