The cost of water-based paint and its characteristics

Water-based paints are very popular in the market of building materials. They are distinguished from other paints part of the plain water. When applying water evaporates and forms a continuous membrane. The paint has no pungent smell, easy contact with the majority of materials and over a paint is easy to apply any other dye. There are various types of water-based paints. To date, manufacturers offer a wide range to suit every taste and budget. Consider some more.

Water-based paints are based on PVA. They are used only in dry areas because they do not resist moisture. The cost of latex-based paint PVA is very low and accessible to everyone.

Also distinguished based paint butadiene. This paint is suitable for interior. It is highly resistant to moisture, but the light turns yellow. The cost of this type of water-based paint is also low.

There are water-based acrylic paints. This is the most common type of paint. In the composition of acrylic resin and have different strength and flexibility.

Last view of water-based paints — a latex paint. Latex allows you to repel water from the surface to be coated using this paint can paint over small cracks in the plaster, as well as to prevent their appearance due to its inherent high elasticity. The cost of water-based latex-based paint is the most expensive option.

Also the cost of water-based paint for the ceiling depends on the type of paint, the manufacturer and the ceiling area. You also need to consider how the work will be done: on their own or with the assistance of experts. If you produce a painting yourself, it will save much of your budget, and funds will go only for the purchase of materials.


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