The palette of paint colors for the walls, as an opportunity to create a mood in the apartment

Color is considered to be a leader in the effective and original interior design. And the wall color is more important than the placement of furniture, it forms the overall style of the room. Yes, and the color can be easily changed, the case of mood. His palette, the game, the right combination to create a feeling of comfort, home warmth, coziness. It is the color of the walls creates the perception of the room, causing certain feelings and emotions. Bright colors such as orange, red, crimson, inspire and stimulate action. Therefore, in such colors is best to make out the walls of working areas in the apartment or office. Cool colors — blue, green — relax and calm. The ideal solution for bedrooms and recreation areas. Bathroom best suited marine colors — the whole palette of blue, turquoise, azure. Kitchen is better to choose bright colors, because they subconsciously stimulate digestion. But the purple color of the walls in the kitchen is not valid. Pastel colors harmoniously fit into the interior of the children’s rooms. They will create an atmosphere of warmth and security for your child.

The palette of paint colors for the walls Tikkurila consists of more than 200 colors, so you’re sure to realize their wildest dreams colored. When choosing a color to paint the walls, remember that color creates not only the interior, and, above all, the atmosphere and mood.

With the combination of colors is important to remember that there are three main schemes: solid color, contrast, monochrome. Solid color in the room and increases energy efficiency. Contrast scheme excites and inspires people as it combines incongruous. A great option for the kitchen and play area in the children’s room. Monochrome scheme uses a single color, but feel free to play with the tonalities and hues. Such a scheme will soothe.


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