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Decorative plaster is becoming increasingly popular building material during the repair. Why is this happening? Because this material is a lot of advantages, among which the most basic — a high performance, the deposition rate and a high aesthetic quality.

Speaking globally, then the application of the plaster can be external, internal and universal. In turn, the plaster for interior work is divided into the Venetian, textured, smooth, structural and some other species. That the above types of plaster are used during repair of apartments and residential buildings. Let us consider some of them in detail.

Venetian plaster mimics natural stone — limestone, granite, malachite. When used properly, the surface may be a unique, motion picture.

Textured, in turn, is a mixture of various synthetic materials with such excipients as flax, cotton fibers, natural and artificial aggregate materials.

Due to the smooth plaster, you can create effects such as ripples on water, silk drapery. All of this is created by the game color paints and varnishes. Sometimes, to smooth coatings include ordinary monochromatic painting the walls.

Structural plaster is made on the basis of latex or other synthetic materials. This material is highly ductile. It is a heterogeneous mass with the addition of the pellets.

But this is not all kinds of decorative plaster. If you want to learn more about the above types, all that is needed — is to enter into a search engine — types of decorative plaster picture and price. You get a lot of advice on what type should be chosen and why.


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